Braving goodbyes for new hellos

When we come to think of it , airports can be associated to so much more than its inherent hustle and bustle. On face value it merely suggests a place of long security queues & cross questioning. But really deep down somewhere , an airport has a warm emotional heart that makes an impact on everyone walking through its door.

Airports have power to make you experience a whirlwind of clashing emotions. Often for instance, there is a tingling sensation I personally can’t help feeling whilst trudging along the large airport aisles. A sensation that makes my eyes widen in contemplation. Thoughts like, I am leaving a place I call home. Do I really need to leave though? I am so comfortable here with these people, I love the feeling I am feeling, I love the comfort I experience driving through familiar trees and breathing in the homely air. Maybe I should just stay a little longer.

Before I know it, along with these thoughts I complete everything I need to do and reach my gate. I sit down and wait for the call of boarding. While charging my phone my mind starts to wander down a new rabbit hole. I begin to reflect over this dynamic life of travel, I am so fortunate to be living. Really ,what an incredible process to be leaving uniquely charming places to arrive to other uniquely wonderful places miles and miles apart.

Somewhere I am leaving my comforting home that I hug million times in my head , and travelling with excitement to a different place, to different people, to a different neighborhood that I haven’t laid my eyes on for some time. I am excited to bask into the new experiences, new conversations and new routines. I begin to think that experiencing travel is maybe a source of my charge. Leaving homes for homes and diving into change is what drives the exuberance for life. Can’t help to think that this makes us passengers , passengers of a life full of milestones , destinations and adventures.

As I snap out of my own thoughts I look at the people sitting around. Everyone must have a story they are living. Everyone must have thoughts lingering or even racing at the back of their mind just like mine. They might be excited but also sad, looking forward to meeting new people but sad to leave others. Excited to embark on new journeys but also sad to complete the previous ones. Embracing changes confidently externally but still slowly accepting it internally.

Interesting to consider that while someone is ordering a McDonalds burger in an airport waiting for their boarding call they could be managing the clash of these emotions in their mind that no one else can see. Intriguing to imagine the different things that might be going on in the minds of different people all under the same roof of an airport.

All we have is now

Moving on from immature school crushes, a slew of ex’s and the people of our past a particular question often arises to the best of us. In the light of the ‘kursi theory’ from the critically acclaimed movie, Dear Zindagi, a question crops up questioning the likelihood of finding the right kursi (chair) we can connect to the most. More than the intimacy and cuddles, we begin to ponder if there is someone out there really cut out to entertain our whims and fancies and contribute to the craziness we long for. We start to advance to self-doubt and wonder if anyone would enjoy being romantically involved with a mess like ourselves.

One day, a someone does walk in. That someone does not appear to be the one at first. And does not even meet all the traits once romanticized should exist. But there is a connection that seems real for once. Mundane walks, runs and grocery errands turn into appealing adventures. Chats have depth at the same time are heartwarming and light. Chats contain everything under the sun and so much more. Life is filled with hysterical conversations that start with let’s go here & let’s do this. What’s different now is that there is an actual connect to fall back on.

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The catch here is this someone may not hold a place for the future. Sometimes some people are meant to only exist in certain chapters of your life. Being friends with someone or dating someone because of the impeccable connect you share shouldn’t cause remorse later down the road. Instead it should make you happy that you were fortunate to brush shoulders with someone like that .A mindset should exist supporting the idea that this connection is making you happy now, it is lighting up your life now and giving you a new perspective now.  It is often a good idea to live in the present and worry about the future later. Sooner or later, there will be new people who will complement your spirit and that is okay.

Something else to take away from this is maybe we should strive to avoid idealizing a perfect friend or partner way ahead of time. Sometimes the connect you share with someone can be million times more valuable.  Also, this connect surfaces when we hold true to our individual personalities. If we let go of our individuality, and adopt someone else’s qualities we may lose what makes us special to begin with.

In conclusion, maybe it’s okay to give your whole to something that is making you the happiest you can be. Maybe the unpredictable future shouldn’t be given a thought for a while. Maybe you are meant to enjoy different kursis at different points of your life. Maybe life is telling you to focus on being your happiest now because all you have is now.



Life, an unforgettable experience.

All of us have different goals and ambitions for ourselves. To bring us closer to those goals we are anxious to juggle everything at once and get started with our next challenge. Often without realizing , we go overboard stressing on things, assuming time is running out for us to catch the next bus to success. In other words we are always rushing and rushing to achieve more, accomplish more and do more. Sometimes, we even force ourselves to choose the hard way ignoring the comfortable way to do the exact same thing.

What I am edging towards is, we ourselves make life double as stressful as it is actually supposed to be. It is possible to smell the roses whilst you are focused on your desired destination. It is practical to enjoy the process, because you know? Life will always be a work in progress. And at the end of the day, everything does work out.

Don’t we all look back at our childhood once in a while and wish we didn’t hurry to become so mature and wish we didn’t hurry to get things done, but rather savor that blissful time. Likewise whenever we order a dessert, it is a general practice to comfortably enjoy every spoon of the dish without anyone hurrying us to finish the bowl and get out of there.

I agree it’s not as simple as it sounds. There are things to prioritize and work to get done . But , it is equally necessary to take it easy and make time for yourself in the rush of life. Setting out time for yourself in this fast world is a matter of choice. Nobody will give you the chance, unless YOU think it is essential.

Next time you are going to college or work, enjoy that walk. Look at the bright side of that travel. Look up into the sky and notice the beautiful shades of blue. Realize that life is all about living each moment as if it was created just for you.

Friendship the sweetest form of love

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I truly believe that friendship adds fullness to life. Knowing that, you have someone out there who always checks on you on a priority and supports you in your every endeavor, knowing you have someone out there who is more excited for your birthday and more elated about your achievements than you are, knowing, you are blessed to have someone who always gives you the warmest hugs on meeting you, simply knowing all this has the power to induce incredible joy in your life
They say you have every reason to be the happiest person in the world, even if you have just one friend to support you and face the world with. The other day, I found this so evident when I saw a young unfortunate toddler in a grim setting, who clearly didn’t have his basic needs fulfilled. He didn’t seem to be distressed or dejected about what he wasn’t blessed with. He looked completely content with another young lad, laughing and giggling at the cars going by. Friendship, camaraderie and kinship have powers beyond imagination, all it takes is mere realization to feel its wonderful power and absorb its warmth.
 Friendship is that tonic that can boost spirits and bring back a lost smile. It’s enough to help someone look forward to life and trust all that it has to offer. It  causes us to realize that making someone else feel happy and cheerful  can really make us feel double as cheerful from within .It also provides us the priceless realization that it doesn’t take much to bring sunshine into someone’s life. Simply the silent presence and company of a friend can mean so much to someone and do so much of good one just cannot fathom. It makes us cognizant of the fact that a person you’ve met recently out of the blue could have the greatest compassion for you and mean the best for you under the umbrella of strong friendship.
Most of us are blessed with good friends, friends with whom we can be ourselves, who know us better than others do, who we can count on any day anytime. But do we realize and acknowledge the preciousness of that blessing? Do we nourish this friendship by giving it time in this rush of life? We must remember that there is nothing more important than genuinely investing in these very relationships that keep you smiling your best smiles. We must make a conscious effort to hold on to the people who care for us , believe in us, and show willingness to drive miles for our well being. If someone makes you happy, make it your job to make them happier.  Because it’s not every day that you come across people who have the most sincere intentions for you.
You can work towards achieving anything, face the worst of times, and put everything back together as long as you are backed by that precious blessing of friendship. Just having that friend in your life who adores you and stands by you through thick and thin, makes you hundred times richer than you think you are.

Appreciating the ordinary



It was the first week of my exchange programme in Lille, France and the induction activities planned for us by college were all up and running. On one such day scheduled outdoors, where we had to take part in a human pyramid contest I carelessly happened to leave my handbag containing my phone and other important things, on one of the many similar looking roads in Lille .Like anyone would react at that point of time, I could vividly feel my heart in my mouth and the warm heat on my cheeks with a constant tape going on in my head. Where’s the bag? Where could I have left it? How could I be so irresponsible? What if someone has taken it? Will I ever get it back? During all this time not a single picturesque or beautiful part of the city came even close to achieving my glance. No matter what anyone said or did, nothing helped improve my doleful mood. It was practically the only thing I could think of. I kept feeling like going back in time and erasing that moment where I mindlessly left my bag unattended. Infact, I kept visualizing the time when I had the bag in my possession and I thought that was such a great time. As silly as it may sound I also wished I took time to express acknowledgement towards my bag, for always being there clung to my shoulders. In other words I kept feeling I should never have taken the bag in  my possession, for granted.

With the help of this story I mean to point out the way we inadvertently take normal and good times for granted and fail to appreciate them when we have them. Remember the last time you had the worst cough and cold and it was close to impossible to achieve a simple thing as a breath of fresh air? Didn’t we then wish we acknowledged the ability to breathe freely and thank our nose for making life so comfortable?

Sometimes in the rush of life, we miss acknowledging all the good things going for us that could have easily gone wrong. We fail to take a moment to count all the blessings that have just fallen in our plate, without which life could have been so much tougher. We fail to exude gratefulness towards all the people, things and opportunities that have made our life the best version of itself.

We must realize that, a heart that acknowledges is so much happier and satisfied, and at the end of the day it is that very appreciation that keeps one humble, content, securing the fulfillment of life. When we train ourselves to notice and appreciate the tiniest things in life that are actually not so little but infact profound, we are opening our lives to happiness in hundred different forms.

Doesn’t an awesome song playing, out of the blue on the radio have the capability to boost your spirits and improve your mood? Doesn’t a sudden climatic switch to breezy and beautiful weather, when you are least expecting it, bring pleasure to your heart? Doesn’t a giggling baby laughing in your arms make you feel on top of the world? Acknowledge the feeling. Acknowledge how happy it’s making you inside.

Hence never hesitate in taking a moment to appreciate the existence of a loving family who always had and will have your back, a close friend who never fails to brighten your mood or simply the ability to afford a fan above your head. Appreciating every single tiny thing that makes your world go round actually unlocks the fullness of your life and turns what little you have into enough and more.


What matters the most

There are times we feel the necessity to acquire and tick off materialistic luxuries one after the other to prove our status to the world. We assume that if we are able to add this one next thing into our kitty, immense happiness and joy that we were so longing to have is no doubt on its way. We assume that the existence of these white elephants brings us closer to ultimate bliss and the feeling of being on top of the world. What we don’t realize is, at the end of the day this short lived limelight is undeniably unsatisfying.
I’m not saying these possessions provide absolutely no value addition to one’s life. They definitely do make you feel great and boost your morale. But what I’m pressing on is, the amount of importance we give to these possessions does not amount to how much it will actually matter to us in the coming years.
When entering into the race to acquire, we miss out on giving attention to the more precious things in life. We discount them as secondary and not important when in fact they are the most beautiful and valuable. Investing into relationships, reaching out to the people whom our hearts beat for, putting out good vibes in the universe, having heartfelt conversations , and experiencing milestones that take our breath away are things that are cherish worthy and much more likely to be treasured and looked back upon later down the road. When you give it a thought it’s actually the small seemingly ordinary moments that give life its meaning.
For example, having raw unfeigned conversations over a hot beverage on the porch with a close friend or experiencing your moms most cherished warm bear hug whenever you ask for it or times with friends when you laughed so much, your stomach ached are instances you are likely to remember , value and treasure. The expensive watch you begged your parents for, the branded purse you bragged about, (though now secretly thinking twice about), and the style status phone you couldn’t wait to own are material things that are immaterial and insignificant at the end of the day. We must instead channel our energy and time to things that bring a smile to our soul deep down and understand that the best things in life are always free.
So if sunsets are something that give you inner happiness, forget everything else and go make that heart happy. If rains make your heart leap, go sit beside the window and feel the mist. If a long drive with some soul music is what you are craving for, go take that drive. Because when you look back in time you will realize that those little things were the ones that mattered the most.


Be that somebody who makes everyone feel like somebody

Life turns beautiful when you go out of the way to do something for someone with a sole goal to get out a smile. It becomes beautiful when you realize your one out of the blue compliment can turn a person’s self esteem around. Life’s beautiful when you prove to have nothing but a caring heart for someone in need .When you yourself begin to lose that second thought to put out positivity and good vibrations in the universe, no doubt life’s going to be a happier place and you a happier person. It is true that we certainly have all been raised to be tough to face the cruel world. And of course it is important to be tough. But along with that we also need to give a little goodness to the world thereby making it less heartless.
Making a positive difference in someone’s life, small or big is something that gives me infinite happiness. I feel a soft glow radiating and an energy beaming within me making me feel on top of the world. The fact that I made a difference, left an impact, reached out to someone and helped in a tiny little way I could – that is the realization I regard as one of the most wonderful feelings. It’s truly a treasure I keep close to myself. Over the years I have learnt exchanging a smile and giving someone a piece of your heart through something as simple as a conversation has a wondrous impact on people. You never know what kind of battle people are fighting within them with a longing just to have a chat. The smallest of gestures do actually make a difference and don’t fall on a blind eye. Besides impacting someone else you find yourself smiling more often and feeling better about yourself.
Sometimes what stops us from being the most encouraging and magnanimous version of ourselves is the urge to step on toes to get to higher elevations .But what we must understand is, the way we treat people in that journey is what actually defines us as human beings. It proves to be our unique impression over the world. It proves us as beautiful people. Just give it a thought. There is absolutely nothing to lose and everything to gain.
So just imagine. If you were on a quest to find a person you would love to be with, a person you would like to spill out everything with, giggle, laugh ,enjoy with, and not worry what that person would think of you because you know that person is so incredibly genuine, down to earth and free with their smiles, stop looking. Instead try being that somebody for someone else.